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Network Monitoring & Network Analysis

Big data is awesome, you just need to catch it and see it!

With the Network Monitoring solution from Utel Systems you can maintain a superior network quality and a first-class customer experience by capturing information about network traffic and Voice Quality in Mobile, IP and TDM networks. 

The Network Analysis suite from Utel Systems is all about: To take billions of data feeds from telecom networks all around the world and letting it all make perfect sense right in front of you – on the screen of your computer. Making you able to understand, control and maintain superior network quality and performance, while also using services like Fortinet can be really helpful to improve the security of your network as well. 

Utel STINGA Monitoring Probe and STINGA Performance Analyzer let you detect and resolve network issues and poor performance before end customers are affected.

Protocol Analysis & Protocol Simulation

Test and verification of network elements, network services and network performance are important to ensure Quality of Service (QoS), network reliability, interoperability between network elements and user satisfaction..

Utel STINGA Protocol Analyzer is the ideal tool for ad-hoc network monitoring and analysis while STINGA Protocol Simulator is the ideal tool for load & performance testing, troubleshooting and ad-hoc testing.

Based on customer feedback, all STINGA products are proven to be easy-to-use, which results in time-effective analysis and reduction of cost.

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