Brand Overview

Accompanying Smart Object Designers from Prototype to Certification

KEOLABS testing platforms: signal emulators, protocol analysers & accessories. KEOLABS standard-specific certification solutions: NFC, ISO/IEC, ICAO, EMV.

KEOLABS’ end-to-end testing tool and service offer enables validation of smart objects and NFC systems used in identity, payment and other applications. KEOLABS accompanies customers through their complete design cycle from product conception to final conformance testing.


KEOLABS NomadLAB helps ensure reliable NFC and Smart Card technology anywhere with signal capture and protocol analysis. All-in-one solution test platform.

KEOLABS NFC Forum Analogue and Digital Test Suites

With KEOLABS, compliance testing suites for Digital Protocol Technical Specification and NFC Analog Technical Specification is available.

ISO featured

KEOLABS ISO 14443 Analogue and Digital Test Suites

KEOLABS provides compliance test solution against ISO / IEC 14443 (Type A and Type B) that is used in short-range wireless communication using 13.56MHz.



ProxiSPY captures and monitors communication between contactless card and reader. In conjunction with State-of-Art protocol analyser “RGPA”, it provides detail analysis of the communication from protocol to bit level.



ProxiLAB emulates card and reader that support ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 15693 and FeliCa. ProxiLAB is a comprehensive NFC testing tool that can be used various situations in development and manufacturing of NFC devices (Card / PICC / Listener and Reader / PCD / Poller)

ICAO (ePassport) Test Suite

The International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) test standard is the international test standard for functional validation of ePassports implementing ISO 14443 standard protocol in 13.56 Mhz RF communications. It is the foundation for ensuring the durability, reliability and interoperability of ePassports.



RGPA (Real-time General Purpose Analyser). Free software environment for all KEOLABS’ smart card testing platforms provides precise display of captured signals, and intuitive controls that are tailored to each supported platform.

EMV Payment Solution

For international payment cards, mobiles and readers, KEOLABS provides off-the-shelf solutions to verify conformity to relevant EMVCo standard. KEOLABS’ turnkey EMVCo test bench is available where required for Level 1 verification.


Ensure Reliable NFC & Smart Card Technologies Anywhere

KEOLABS NFC Forum Analogue and Digital Test Suites

KEOLABS solutions validate the analog and the digital layers of NFC mobile phones, cards, readers and other related objects. Available solutions cover standards that include:
– NFC Forum standard for analog & digital test in active, passive and peer-to-peer modes for phones, cards, readers and related objects
– ETSI TS 102 694-2/695-2 for HDLC, HCI validation in UICC
– ETSI TS 102 694-1/695-1 for HDLC, HCI validation in Contactless Front End

In September 2014, KEOLABS’ NFC Forum Digital Validation Solution has gained the NFC Forum’s accreditation. This accreditation is awarded to companies designing NFC capable products to verify the strict conformance of their protocol implementation to NFC forum standards.

KEOLABS Test Suite packages all necessary software and hardware components for the compliance test. User is able to carry out complicated test cases easily, with complete test report in HTML or pdf format.


KEOLABS ISO 14443 Analogue and Digital Test Suites

Conformance testing solutions for contactless smart cards and readers

KEOLABS provides compliance test solution against ISO/IEC 14443 (Type A and Type B) that is used in short-range wireless communication using 13.56MHz radio wave.

Test specifications for ISO/IEC 14443 are defined in ISO/IEC 10373-6.

With this Test Suite, user is able to carry out conformance test along with the test procedures defined here.

Often, the reader (PCD) needs to make transactions with the card (PICC) that is made by other vendor. Then ensuring compatibility between products that are made by different manufacturers is very important.

The NFC products that are based on the technology of ISO/IEC 14443 should pass all test cases defined by ISO/IEC 10373-6.



ProxiSPY provides easy-to-use spy and analysis for analog, digital and application levels. It covers the full range of 13.56 MHz contactless protocols (NFC, ISO/IEC 14443, FeliCa, ISO/IEC 15693). Probes are optimized for reliable, robust capture and ease-of-use. It integrates with ContactLAB for full visibility of contact and contactless interfaces in NFC systems.

Ideal              • Exploring contactless technologies.
tool for…     • Interoperability troubleshooting




ProxiLAB provides fully configurable reader and card signal emulation for all 13.56 MHz protocols (NFC, ISO/IEC 14443, FeliCa, ISO/IEC 15693) for cards, and NFC devices. It supports VHBR at all bit rate (up to 6.8Mbps in ASK and up to 27Mbps in PSK). Natively it comes with a Vectorial Network Analyzer (0-60MHz). It offers total, precise control of analog and digital signal parameters, and the freedom to buy only the functionality users require.

Ideal              • Prototyping, characterization.
tool for…     • Standard-specific validation.


ICAO (ePassport) Test Suite

KEOLABS provides off-the-shelf solu-tions to verify conformity of interna-tional electronic passport (eMRTD) to relevant standards including ICAO Doc 9303 and BSI TR-03110.
KEOLABS also provides solutions for ID card and driving licence applications compliant respectively with eIDAS and ISO/IEC 18013.



RGPA, Real-time General Purpose Analyser

Free software environment for all KEOLABS’ smart card testing platforms provides precise display of captured signals, and intuitive controls that are tailored to each supported platform.

Software environment common to all KEOLABS’ test platforms provides:

  • Complete control of all platform parameters
  • Viewing of communication streams in easy-to-interpret graphical display
  • Quick, easy access to signal descriptions from the supporting protocols
  • Easy-access to statistics and search functions
  • Real-time General Purpose Analyzer (RGPA) is the Windows-based software environment for configuration, control and viewing captured data from the full range of KEOLABS smart card and NFC testing platforms.
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