BC-GSXLX1 – Gigabit Ethernet Fiber-to-Fiber Converters

BC-GSXLX1 – Gigabit Ethernet Fiber-to-Fiber Converters

Canary Network Connectivity Media Converter

Basic Connections! Media Conversion


BASIC CONNECTIONS! FAST Ethernet UTP-to-Fiber converters interconnect Twisted-Pair and fiber optic segments to extend Fast Ethernet links. They are ideal for connecting user desktops with low-cost workgroup switches or for small office switch-to-switch links.

Standard multi-mode converters provide transmission distances of 2000 meters over 62.5/125 ηm fiber.

Standard single-mode models provide transmission distances ranging from 20 to 40 kilometers over 9.0 ηm single-mode fiber.



Basic Connections! Gigabit Ethernet Fiber-to-Fiber converters providevery economical conversion between low-cost multi-mode fiber opticsegments and single-mode Fiber segments. They are ideal for dataintensive backbones in the enterprise or across the campus wherecost is paramount.

Standard Gigabit multi-mode ports provide minimum transmissiondistances of 220+ meters over 62.5/125 ηm fiber or 500+ metersover 50.0/125 ηm fiber. Standard Gigabit models with single-mode ports provide a transmission distance of 10 kilometers over 9.0/125 ηm single-mode fiber.

  • Simple plug and go installation
  • Transparent to Flow-Control commands such as PAUSE
  • A full array of status / diagnostic LEDs