BC-GTXX1 – Gigabit Ethernet Copper-to-Fiber Converters

BC-GTXX1 – Gigabit Ethernet Copper-to-Fiber Converters

Canary Network Connectivity Media Converter

Basic Connections! Media Conversion


BASIC CONNECTIONS! FAST Ethernet UTP-to-Fiber converters interconnect Twisted-Pair and fiber optic segments to extend Fast Ethernet links. They are ideal for connecting user desktops with low-cost workgroup switches or for small office switch-to-switch links.

Standard multi-mode converters provide transmission distances of 2000 meters over 62.5/125 ηm fiber.

Standard single-mode models provide transmission distances ranging from 20 to 40 kilometers over 9.0 ηm single-mode fiber.



The Basic Connections! family of Gigabit Ethernet copper-to-fiber converters combine existing 100 meter Category-5(E) UTP and Fiber optic segments to deliver Gigabit data across the network. They provide very economical connections in the enterprise or campus, and can be used to take advantage of low-cost Gigabit capable switches

  • 1000BASE-T Autonegotiation for Full-duplex and Halfduplex operation with Flow-Control and;
  • Switch selectable, Fiber-Port Autonegotiation for common, end-to-end link awareness and Flow-Control, or for blind connection to Gigabit fiber ports on older switches
  • Internal Auto-sensing, MDI / MDI-X crossover switch for Network Interface Card or Switch connections
  • Transparent to Flow-Control commands such as PAUSE
  • A full array of status / diagnostic LEDs