Silicom Network Monitoring & Capturing Network Monitoring Adapter Card


Capture Card – Dual QSFP28 port card supporting 2x100G Ethernet, half-length, PCIe Gen3 16 lanes

The Silicom Denmark fbC2CGg3hl is a powerful half length accelerator card featuring two QSFP28 slots, providing network connectivity and high speed capture to host memory with zero packet loss and packet processing. The 2xQSFP28 slots support configurations with data rates of 8x10GE, 2x40GE, 8x25GE or 2x100GE, while supporting a bandwidth to host system of over 200 Gbps. Dedicated firmwares are offered for each link speed.

The fbC2CGg3hl is mounted with the latest Ultrascale Xilinx FPGA technology, providing packet filtering, advanced processing, traffic management, load balancing and host offloading mechanisms, to a wide range of applications. In addition to this, Tx capabilities are also supported for traffic redirection and selective bypass.

The card is a single-slot PCIe solution for a 16-lane PCIe slot, and features an optional 2nd 16-lane PCIe connector for connecting to a 2nd PCIe slot. The 16-lane connections are via 2×8 lanes using bifurcation. With its two PCIe connectors, the card can offer traffic load balancing and application acceleration optimized for NUMA environments, bypassing the QPI bridge.

This card is also available as a cost optimized variant for 10GE and 40GE.

fbC2CGg3hl – Capture Card


40GE Capture Cards: Silicom PB_fbC2CGg3hl Datasheet