Keolabs Smart Card & Payment Solution (NFC) Test Solutions


ProxiLAB emulates card and reader that support ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 15693 and FeliCa. ProxiLAB is a comprehensive NFC testing tool that can be used various situations in development and manufacturing of NFC devices (Card / PICC / Listener and Reader / PCD / Poller)


Cards and readers that are used in the field are developed and manufactured by various vendors. But the cards and readers designed to be used for same purpose must work well even though they are made by different vendors. For example, even in the case the carrier frequency of reader is at minimum or maximum value within the range of expected or defined by industry standards, the card should work correctly. Even in the case reader receives unexpected response from card, the protocol state of the reader should be moved to appropriate state.

Because ProxiLAB allows user to configure all analogue and digital protocol parameters in detail, the user is able to make test for DUT (Device Under Test) with maximum, minimum, normal and abnormal values of each parameter. And also, it is very important to know the TLV (Threshold Limit Value) of card or reader for afterward troubleshooting.

ProxiLAB can be controlled not only by GUI but also by script. When iteration test, batch test that is composed by multiple and complicate test cases or customized test for dedicated purpose is needed, script control makes them easy.


  • Simulate Reader and Card on single platform
  • Provides protocol analysis of communication with counterpart
  • Detail control through GUI and script
  • Support test automation (Useful for iteration test or customized batch test)
  • Outputs various kinds of trigger signal (Useful to use in conjunction with external devices)

Supporting Protocols

  • NFC (IP-1, IP-2)
  • ISO/IEC 14443 (Type A, Type B)
  • FeliCa
  • ISO 15693

Test Automation and Conformance Test

Often engineers need to make iteration test or batch test that includes many complicated test steps while the NFC products are under development or manufacturing phase. Sometimes, such tests require much time and effort. For instance, in case of iteration test, an engineer may be at beside the testing tool to operate it manually or in case of carrying out multiple test steps, an engineer need to change configuration of testing tool and test environment step by step.


ProxiLAB can be fully controlled by script written by JScript, C, Visual Basic or Python. With this feature, it is possible to make test automation from test execution to judgement of pass or fail verdict. Further, in conjunction with optional 5 axis robot “Rob5x”, DUT can be positioned automatically at predefined position.

For example, let us assume you have 100 pieces of NFC cards to be tested and you need to carry out transaction test for 100 times per one card, i.e. you need to carry out transaction test for 10,000 times totally. Also it is defined the criteria of this test is 95 successful transactions out of 100. Even such case, with script + Rob5x, you can carry out all tests with one click. Rob5x put the cards in the boxes with distinguishing good cards from bad cards. For the detail information about script and robot, please contact us.

KEOLABS offers Tests Suites that provide complete conformance test easily against industry standards and specifications such as ISO/IEC 14443, NFC Forum and ICAO (ePassport). These Test Suites packages all hardware (including ProxiLAB) and software components that are required by specification respectively.

For further information about Test Suite, please visit respective Test Suite pages.