Pica8 Software-Defined Networking (SDN) SDN Switches

10G Pre-Loaded White Box Switch


Pre-loaded Switches

Pica8’s purpose-built open switches are ideal for cloud data centers that require flexibility and adaptability. Pica8™ open switches seamlessly integrate with today’s data center applications on traditional network architectures, while allowing the exploration of new software defined networking (SDN) technologies, such as OpenFlow.

The Pica8 P-3930 is a 1 RU low-latency, high performance 10G/40G copper-based Ethernet switch. Its strong price performance characteristics make it ideal for data center 10G-T top of rack access.

  • 48 x 10G-T and 4 x 40G
  • Trident+ switch ASIC
  • Pre-loaded with PicOS software for full Layer-2, Layer-3, OpenFlow, and CrossFlow SDN feature support


Pica8 in Your Remote or Branch Office

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