Profitap – Copper Taps

Profitap – Copper Taps

Profitap Network Connectivity Network Tap

Comprehensive and Flawless 10/100/1000M Monitoring


Our Fast Ethernet TAPs offer 100% Visibility, 100% Security, and are 100% Fail-Safe. This ensures a permanent network link at all times with zero failover time or link restoration delay.


Boasting the same features as our Fast Ethernet TAPs, our signature Profitap Gigabit Ethernet TAPs are a comprehensive solution for monitoring 10/100/1000BaseT networks.

Our highly-efficient 10GBase-T TAP provides complete and accurate in-line monitoring for your 10M/100M/1G/10G copper network.

These Copper network TAPs are highly efficient and portable devices that integrate performance, security, and portability. Their design meets all the highest standards for quality, cost-efficiency, and overall effectiveness.