SwiftWing Tramir™ (OLD)

SwiftWing Tramir™ (OLD)

SwiftWing Network Monitoring & Capturing Network Analysis

Newly launch


TRAMIR - real-time DPI Analytics & Visualization

TRAMIR enables for real time statistics and visualization of network traffic in most demanding scenarios.

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TRAMIR is based on our ultra high performing deep packet capture & storage engine and allows a profound and comprehensive real time analysis of network data traffic.

It enables as well for retro-perspective analytics, powered by the SIRIUS engines with up to massive 3,6 Peta Byte of capture storage as the giant "go back in time buffer".


Advanced DPI Analysis

sw tramir scr2TRAMIR provides more than 60 kinds of graphs to visualize the network conditions (Transferred Traffic by Service, TCP Connection Quality, TCP Transmission Quality, HTTP TAT Analysis, HTTP Meta Analysis, IP Conversation Ranking, HTTP 404 Response Count, etc ).


Visualize everything of the network traffic

Over 60 types of graph displays with flexible sort options. Real-time update of the displayed graphs (period options of 15mins/30mins/1hour/... ) see screenshots analytics on the resources:

  • Communication delay time validation
    » HTTP TAT by Meta-Data (Method, etc.)
    » TCP TAT During 3way Handshake
    » TCP TAT During Session Establishing
    » TCP RTT by IP Address Prefix
  • Supports the analogy of suspected point of packet loss by TCP retransmission count and direction
  • Assists the detection of network fault point by RST count or RTT by communication direction